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June 2001 Quarterly Report

1 April – 30 June 2001

24 July 2001

Principal Points


  • Production of 11,675 ounces with cash operating costs $A353/oz ($US180) for an operating margin of $A170/oz ($US86/oz) which is much higher than the operating margin for the previous corresponding quarter. Cash operating costs for the 12 months averaged $A309/oz ($US157/oz), which is a 19% improvement on last year.
  • Development has started on Stockwork 6A orebody, underpinning the Monkland Mine at an annual average 10g/t for 3 years or more. This is one of the country’s highest-grade gold mines. Recent exploration drill-intercepts include 18.3 metres at 7.1 g/t gold on the N3/Rands structure below the Lewis Mine decline; also 7 metres at 21g/t and 12 metres at 17.5 g/t on the newly discovered, large 6B stockwork gold orebody within the Monkland Mine.
  • With the Lewis Mine construction on schedule, the drilling and exploratory development programs are being intensified to test many recently discovered zones of mineralisation from surface to the top of the Monkland Mine at 500 metres depth. Such increasing exploration success will profoundly transform mine and mill scale at Gympie.


  • New contract-operator Thiess Pty Ltd has entered into an alliance with Southland Coal and invested $A11 million for a 10% Joint Venture interest in the Southland Colliery.
  • Longwall production restarted in April following a $A4.5 million remediation program.
  • Over 300,000 tonnes of coal was produced for the quarter, with run of mine production expected to be 1.4 million tonnes over the next 12 months. Installed mine capacity exceeds 2 million tonnes per annum and production rates will build up steadily in line with demand.
  • Sales to new and existing customers have been in line with mine production with most of this year’s saleable coal committed at prices more than 20% higher than the previous 12 months. Market demand for Southland’s coal remains very strong due to its superior fluidity and low ash properties. Marketing focus is on Japan, Korea, Brazil, India, Taiwan, Europe and also domestically.
  • Sold 10% of the Southland Colliery to Thiess for $11mill and issued $8 million of new shares at 80cps as a result of quoted options exercise and concurrent placement. Of the $19mill equity-capital raised, $12 million retained as working capital reserves and the balance used to prepay borrowings.
  • Listing on the London Alternative Investment Market planned for the last quarter of 2001.
  • The group owes no money to previous Southland contractor Colrok or its associated entities and has lodged damages claims for $39 million and received counter-claims for $21 million.

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