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Gympie Gold Gemstone

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Gemstone Jewellery

Gympie Gold Collection

Gympie Gold Jewellery Collection Gympie Gold Limited in partnership with Kabana Inc., one of North America’s leading inlay and high end jewellery specialists, introduce the exclusive “Jewellery Collection”, quality crafted finished jewellery designs using the finest materials including gold and silver supplied direct from our Gympie Eldorado Gold Mine in Queensland.
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International Designers

Manufacturers in many regions of the world are now designing exclusive and unique jewellery pieces featuring Gympie Gold® Gemstone by using either natural look rough cut slab form material, polished stones or inlay work. Gympie Gold® Gemstone is fast becoming well known in international jewellery circles.

Gympie Gold Limited also markets its own range of jewellery known as the "Gympie Gold Jewellery Collection" to shareholders, investors and industry associates.

Carina Jewellers Designs by Carina Jewellers of Sydney Australia
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Designs by Levendi
Designs by Levendi Perri Jewellers of Sydney Australia
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Horst Lang
Horst Lang Designs by Horst Lang of Idar-Oberstein Germany
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Kabana design
Kabana Designs by Kabana Inc of Albuquerque, New Mexico USA
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Keith Jamieson Jewellers
Keith Jamieson Jewellers Designs by Keith Jamieson Jewellers, Gympie, Queensland Australia
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Percy Marks Jewellers Design by Percy Marks Jewellers of Sydney Australia
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Taka Designs by Taka of Sydney Australia
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The above fine piece of jewellery incorporating Gympie Gold® Gemstone was designed by Kabana (copyright designs protected by International copyright laws).

For more examples of jewellery designs using Gympie Gold® Gemstone, see our Jewellery Pages .

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