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About Us

Corporate Overview

Gympie Gold Limited (Receivers and Managers Appointed, Voluntary Administrators Appointed) has two principal wholly-owned subsidiaries which explore for, extract, process and market mineral products:

  • Gympie Eldorado Gold conducts exploration supported by early-stage production of gold and gemstone at the high-grade Gympie Goldfield, which historically produced over 4 million ounces gold. While production in recent years has been within the range of 30,000 to 55,000 ounces per annum, exploration programs are targeting large structures which are very prospective for major high-grade gold systems.
  • Southland Coal has now established strong production of high-quality coking coal from the Greta Seam, which has been in continuous production for more than 100 years. Southland exclusively controls this well-known coking coal seam, exports via the world's largest coal port and has established a market niche based predominantly on the coal's properties of extremely high-fluidity and low ash.

Gympie Gold's organisational structure includes a small corporate office in Sydney, operations management based at the mine sites and marketing management travelling globally to meet customers' needs.

Gympie Gold has transferred some of its regional mineral rights into 25%-owned D'Aguilar Gold Limited, which will focus on gold-copper porphyry targets in the Gympie district. D'Aguilar listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on 21 August 2003.

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